‘The Walking Dead’ deaths: Which characters have died on the show?

the walking dead


Which of “The Walking Dead” main characters have been killed off the hit AMC show? Let’s recap the major deaths of the hit series throughout the seasons.

The Walking Dead” fans know the unofficially motto, “No one is safe,” but they’re still shocked when their favorite characters die.

Season One: 

  • Ed Peletier — No one was sad when Carol’s abusivehusband and Sophia’s father was attacked by walkers.
  • Amy — Andrea’s little sister Amy was bitten by a walker in a very sad moment in the first season.
  • Jim — Jim was also bitten, and took a long time to turn. The group left him beside a tree on their way to the CDC.
  • Dr. Jenner and Jacqui — Dr. Jenner killed himself along with Jacqui when he chose to blow up the CDC in the season one finale.

Season Two:

  • Otis — Shane killed Otis during a run to the local high school in order to get medical supplies for Carl, whom Otis accidentally shot.
  • Sophia — Carol’s daughter Sophia goes missing, and is later found in Hershel’s barn as a walker.
  • Dale — Dale was torn apart by a walker in season 2.
  • Shane — Rick shockingly kills Shane after his former best friend lures him out into the woods plotting to kill him.
  • Patricia — Otis’ wife dies when Hershel’s farm gets overrun by walkers in the season 2 finale.

Season Three:

  • Big Tiny — The former inmate in the prison took an axe to the head.
  • Tomas — Rick killed the inmate who had a serious attitude problem.
  • T-Dog — T-Dog was killed when walkers were turned loose into the prison. He also sacrificed himself to save Carol’s life.
  • Lori Grimes — Lori shockingly died during a c-section while giving birth to her daughter, Judith. Carl later shot his mother in the head before she turned.
  • Axel — The inmate was shot in the head by The Governor.
  • Duane — Morgan tells Rick that his son Duane was bitten by his zombie wife.
  • Merle — Daryl’s brother Merle was killed by The Governor, and then turned into a zombie, which Daryl later took out.
  • Milton — The Governor’s assistant was stabbed, died, and later turned into a zombie, which Andrea killed.
  • Andrea — Milton bit Andrea, who was later found by Rick, Michonne, and the gang. She killed herself before turning with Michonne by her side.

Season Four:

  • Zach — Beth’s boyfriend and Woodbury survivor was killed when a helicopter fell through the roof during a run.
  • Patrick — Carl’s young friend is the first to come down with the flu-like virus and dies in the shower, later turning into a walker.
  • Karen & David — Karen and David are next to contract the virus, and are killed by Carol who burns their bodies.
  • Dr. S. — Hershel’s friend, Dr. Caleb Subramanian succumbed to the flu-like virus, and later turned into a walker.
  • David Chalmers — Lily’s father died of lung cancer, turned, and was taken out by The Governor.
  • Martinez — The Governor took out his former wing man with a blow to the head, and feeding him to the walkers.
  • Pete — Pete was named the leader of Martinez’s group after his death, until The Governor killed him.
  • Meghan — Lily’s daughter Meghan was bitten, and killed, in the mid-season finale.
  • Hershel Green — Hershel was sadly and shockingly killed off in the mid-season finale when The Governor cut his head off.
  • Alisha — Alisha was shot in the head by young Lizzie.
  • The Governor — The Governor was stabbed by Mischone and then shot by former lover Lily.
  • Mitch — The Governor’s right hand man was shot by Daryl’s crossbow.